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Central Heating

Most houses and flats today have radiators which are normally heated by a gas fired boiler or in some cases an electric boiler or you may just have simply electric heaters. Our engineers are very effective in fixing any heating problems you may have. We also offer very reasonable priced but very effective power flushes that help clean your central heating system and boiler.



Gas Leaks

If you have a gas leak, we recommend you turn off your gas supply at your gas meter immediately. Then open windows that are direct to outside to ventilate the room. Do not smoke or use any naked flames! If you are unable to isolate the gas supply you should contact Transco- 0800 111 999 or your gas supplier immediately. Then phone us to find and fix your gas leak. Our engineers are gas safe qualified and experienced on working on all gas appliances and gas pipes.

Radiator work

We carry out all radiator and central heating works. From repairing leaking radiator valves, fixing central heating pumps (such as Grunfoss) to installing complete new central heating systems. If you are experiencing problems with your heating we also carry out power flushes with the use of one of our power flushing machines and use chemicals such as sludge remover to clean the central heating system. To help protect your boiler and central heating system we also installinhibitor when appropriate.


Power Flushes

We are able to perform power flushes on all types of central heating system. Our power flush machines are very effective at improving circulation of central heating systems and getting your radiators hot again. In our power flushes we use chemicals to help clean and protect your central heating system. These improve the longevity of the system and help to protect your boiler.

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You can phone us at 07712 655285 or use our simple contact form to find out more.

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